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From Spring Crocus to motley – Zeha shoes in colour

Spring is making fun of us a bit now. But the frozen Easter eggs still tasted good, didn’t they? And there’s something else that makes spring a much-anticipated season: the new Zeha collection is coming into the shops. And while you are holding the current models in your hands, we are already six months to a year ahead. In the office, above one of our stores, there are mountains of leather samples, drawings pile up on the desks, models are everywhere. It’s already autumn/winter or even summer 2024 for us.

Twice a year we think about what will fit your feet best in the near future. Twenty years ago, we launched our first collection. Streetwear – shoes that took up classic designs from the 1960s, models from team sports and running. Highlights like the 2006 World Cup in our own country were and are always an occasion for us to come up with new ideas, new models. Carl Häßner was a football fan and produced football shoes. We developed four new models in his honour. Today, the Liga is one of the most sought-after Zeha shoes, one of our top models. The 2007 Urban Classics are inspired by the style of the 1930s. In 2016, Libero/Derby, the football boots followed and since 2019, the Liverpool, Finalist and Marathon models as well as a cycling shoe and the Basketballer.

We have often heard that high-quality shoes need calm colours, have to be discreet, sneakers have to be white, basta. We disagree and have taken on the design ourselves. And your response? “Colour at last”. Sylvia in particular has her hat on. She has Italian style in her blood, studied literature, has an affinity for fashion, paints and loves colours. Is the Zeha shoe ready?

Almost. Because in addition to creativity, the merchandise management system helps us. It sounds like bookkeeping, but it’s actually an enormous fund of information about your preferences. All anonymously, of course. Which models go well? Which colour combinations are popular? Which leather or which soles are most popular? Who would have thought that pink shoes and socks for men would be a hit? They were sold out very quickly. But sometimes we are a little too early with our ideas, it seems – like with last season’s purple models. Today the colour is extremely popular and is called “Spring Crocus” by Pantone.

In the end, there were 300 colours for the sneakers alone. The merchandise management system told us that too. “Made our eyes chatter quite a bit,” recalls Zeha CEO Alexander. In the end, it brings very interesting insights.

Zeha will remain (much)colourful in the future with almost 150 colour combos for our top 30 styles. But we also want to keep the environment in mind. Supply chains, logistics and distribution are already environmentally friendly or will soon be. 

For now, the samples for the new models are being produced. Because: “Pictures are no good.” You have to “feel” a shoe like this. And, of course, you have to try them on. Each model is tested personally. For that unmistakable Zeha feeling on your feet.

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