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Trainer high football shoe medium blue / cream / cognac calf leather

No.: 835.053
ZEHA Berlin

Discover our iconic sneakers with the double stripes, timeless elegant Urban Classic shoes, and handcrafted accessories for men and women.

The authenitc vintage style of our Trainers based on a special training Zeha shoe from the 60ies, which was created with a crepe sole and reenforcement stripes. The Trainer combines fine shoe design with high wearing comfort. This colour combinations is made of smooth calf-leather.
Classic 8-holes lace-up with padded shank and logo-printed tongue, no eyelets, reinforced but elastic cap and heel counters. Both the insole and padded outer sole, which is removabel, are made of leather; just like his model it has reenforcement stripes and natural rubber crepe soles.
A practical black linen storage bag is provided.
Handmade in Portugal
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Size Chart
  • Leather Murcia blue
  • Material calf leather
  • Lining calf leather
  • Color name medium blue / cream / cognac
  • Sole natural rubber
  • Gender Unisex
  • Model name Trainer high
  • Inlay sole Removable made of latex + leather
  • Country of manufacture Portugal
Material & Care

Zeha Berlin shoes are made of high-quality material. To ensure you can enjoy your new shoes for a long time, care instructions are included with every shoe box. Please read them carefully. Complaints resulting from improper care of the material cannot be accepted. 


We recommend that you impregnate new shoes before wearing them for the first time. This creates a waterproof layer inside the material. It also provides protection against moisture and dirt.

Apply a fine spray three times and let the shoes dry completely in between spraying to prevent stains. The shoe must not become soaked through. 

Do not forget the soles and edges when caring for your shoes. 

For smooth leather shoes we recommend additional polishing after impregnation. The shoe polish protects and shines the leather from the outside.

Please note: 

  • polish residues that remain on the shoe quickly become caked. This makes the leather look as if it is cracked.
  • shoes made of suede or nubuck leather do not tolerate waxes, greases or shoe polishes. The surfaces should be treated when dry with a soft brush and a suitable care spray
  • especially deep colors and light-colored models (e.g. Liga 855.0992) require careful and regular impregnation of the leather to protect the shoe’s color. This avoids color loss due to moisture and the discoloration of other (brighter) pieces of leather and/or garments. Detailed care instructions are included with every delivery.


A shoehorn should always be used to put on shoes. This prevents damage to the material and extends its durability as a result.

Shoes should be taken off by hand. When taking off shoes, never loosen them from the heel with the tip of your foot. This will damage the heel cup and the shoe will wear out.


Leather is a natural material that is stressed by damp weather and mechanical activity. 

We therefore recommend shoe trees made of cedar or beech wood during wearing breaks. Shoe trees smooth out creases and support the drying process of the shoe.

Wet shoes should be dried off immediately with a soft cloth and filled with paper towels/newspaper. Moisture is absorbed, the shoes are kept in shape. Then allow to dry slowly at room temperature. 

Never expose the shoes to a direct source of heat (heating, open fire, etc.). Heat will make the leather brittle and dries it out irreparably.

Protect the shoes as well from direct light to prevent colour losses.


The sole leather is naturally abrasion-resistant. During wear, it is automatically compressed and becomes water-repellent on its own. However, no other leather on the shoe is subject to as much stress as the sole leather. In order to provide lasting protection, the leather soles should be impregnated with leather sole oil at regular intervals. This keeps the leather soles flexible and increases their life.

Any production-related protruding thread ends are harmless and can be carefully removed by means of a flame (lighter).


Crepe soles offer particularly pleasant special wearing comfort due to their elasticity and softness. They are sturdy and long-lasting. As this is a genuine natural product, the soles should not be exposed to any extreme environmental influences. Contact with petrol or similar solvents should also be avoided as they will damage the surface.

Crepe soles are open-pored. In everyday life, therefore, they will collect dust from their surroundings. This natural patina gives the shoe its individual character.

  • Cleaning crepe soles with grease-dissolving detergent 
    We recommend dissolving colourless dishwashing detergent in warm water and carefully creating a foam with it on the sole with a sponge. Coarser dirt is brushed out with a brush (e.g. toothbrush) and then washed off with clear water.
  • Cleaning the crepe soles with curd soap
    Moisten the crepe sole with warm water before cleaning. Apply the soap either directly to the sole or by means of a sponge. Then rub in. The subsequent procedure is equivalent to cleaning with a grease-dissolving detergent.


Shoes are subject to the natural wear and tear of everyday life. Regular and thorough care can delay the need for repair work. Repair requirements can also be identified earlier through proper care. Worn-out heels, outsoles, sole tips or heel linings should be replaced at an early stage in order to protect the surrounding material. We recommend that you consult a specialist company that is familiar with the repair requirements. The work of professionals is more durable and of better quality. 

Foot sizing

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about your ideal shoe size. Simply tell us your foot length and we will send you an individual size recommendation.

At this point we need the following details:

  • The length of your 'tallest' foot
  • Information on the desired model (s)
  • The regular / comparable shoe size

Please send this information to

The following graphic will help you measure your feet.

Shoe size messurement

Usually we are right with our recommendations. We ask for your understanding, however, that an assessment "from a distance" is not always 100% accurate, as the shoe size depends on many individual factors (e.g. instep, foot width, foot shape). In order to continuously improve our service, we look forward to your feedback as to whether we were right with our recommendations.

Shipping information

Shipping is carried out by DHL. 

Deliveries are made daily from Monday to Saturday (with the exception of public holidays).

Deliveries to DHL Packstations are possible.


The shipping costs vary according to the number of articles ordered and the delivery area. 

The level of the shipping costs is displayed in the shopping cart before the order is completed.


Orders are processed daily from Monday to Friday (with the exception of public holidays).

After payment has been made, the goods are sent for shipment.

From the time the order leaves our warehouse, we deliver throughout Germany within 1 to 3 business days and Europe-wide within 3 to 5 business days. 

Once the order has been passed to our logistics partner, you will receive shipping confirmation by email, including a link for shipment tracking.


In exceptional cases, your order may be shipped as a partial delivery from different warehouses. In such cases you will receive a separate shipment number by email for each delivery.

You will receive further shipping information and details during the ordering process.

Return & exchange


The deadline for returns is 14 days after receipt of order.

In the event of a return, the enclosed return slip must be correctly completed and enclosed with the returned goods.

Returns within Germany are free of charge (DHL). The link for creating a return label will be sent to you by email after your order has been placed. 

Returns outside Germany are to be paid for by the purchaser. You will receive the link to create a corresponding address label by email after placing your order.

Upon the receipt of your return, we will refund the purchase price within 10 business days by the original payment method*. 

*Prerequisite for a refund: 

  • the goods are in an unworn and undamaged original condition
  • the completed return slip is enclosed with the return
  • the goods are returned in the original packaging


Would you like an exchange? Please return the article as described above and place a new order. After receipt of payment, we will send the requested goods for shipment.

Upon receipt of your return we will refund the original purchase price within 10 business days (including shipping costs if all items from the order are returned).

Payment options
Zeha Berlin accepts the following payment methods for online purchases:
  • Visa card
  • Mastercard
  • Klarna (Direct debit, Online Bank Transfer, Card or pay in 14 days)
  • Payment in advance


If you have any further questions, please send us an email to 

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