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Blogs are dead. Long live the ZEHA Blog!

Here´s to a new one: The Zeha Berlin Blog.

Search engines love new content. Blogging is a powerful tool for search engine optimization. Blogging is above all the best possibility to remain in contact with you, dear loyal customers. Why not then write about themes that we understand, themes that excite us, and themes that are new and noteworthy.

Share your knowledge of shoes, your love for retro sneakers, and your interest in the history and development of ZEHA Berlin.

It’s been fifty years since the introduction of the Platform heel into fashion. The oldest pair of shoes in Europe were made of bear’s leather and belonged to Ötzi, a man of the Stone Age who lived almost 5,300 years ago. Exactly 125 years ago, Carl Hässner produced the first pair of his signature sport shoes. Founded in 1897 in Weida, Thuringia, ZEHA is Germany’s oldest sport shoe brand. As official outfitter of the German Democratic Republic’s sports teams beginning in 1960, ZEHA equipped top athletes in sixty diverse sport disciplines with proper footwear. What’s more, for over twenty years ZEHA has revived this tradition, offering forty-three pairs of shoes in three styles in various colour combinations at Christmas 2003 to be sold at then BERLINOMAT. Stories upon stories upon stories make History! “The Shoe must go on!” might sound corny and trite, but it fits!

Our ZEHA Derbys are laced up for ZEHA blogs. We’re undertaking a new approach.

Blogging takes time. Blogs have to be constantly updated. The internet is a graveyard of dilapidated Blogs that have for months, even years, remain untouched. That’s not the fate of ZEHA blogs. We’ve put new laces into our old Derby’s and now we’re storming the field for the second half! The success of this blog depends on our regular traffic for the latest from ZEHA Berlin Schuh Design.

The rich history of ZEHA Berlin must be told in this interactive way, ZEHA blogs.  Besides time, this also requires many good ideas. Here are few examples from us: how are ZEHA shoes produced? What materials are used to produce these retro sneakers and where are the materials sourced? Why does Style Council Paul Weller exclusively wear ZEHA shoes? What does a shoemaker actually do? What is Shoe Aid? Why is ZEHA contributing? And how can you, dear loyal customer? Finally, we also want to know how much and what you appreciate about ZEHA shoes. Show and tell is our motto here at ZEHA blogs. Send us your photos, your stories, your wildest anecdotes of the most exotic places you have worn your ZEHA sneakers.

Your participation is welcomed and appreciated. 

Here we go again together! This blog will not only toot our own horn but also spotlight exciting guest contributions, promote raffles, and provide practical tips about proper shoe care. Tell us your interests. We’re looking forward to hearing from you. There’s no business like Shoe business!  

So lace up your sneakers and off to the Post. By e-mail or via our socials:

Mail: [email protected]



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