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Britta Reinhardt und Zeha Berlin

Britta Reinhardt – How the artist paints herself to success with lots of color and intuition

For artist Britta Reinhardt, everything quickly becomes very colorful. Her philosophy: to bring joy to yourself and to other people. She does this with large-format paintings of penguins and zebras in bright colors. We met the talented painter in the Zeha Store in Berlin-Kreuzberg, where she tried on the new Marathons in bright green. “I saw the green shoes on Instagram and immediately thought, I have to have them,” Britta said about her first pair of Zeha sneakers. The 48-year-old is wearing jeans full of brightly colored spots from the brushes and is in a good mood. She doesn’t differentiate between clothes for painting and for leisure time, as she explains, “When I paint, I have to wear what feels good. Why not good shoes too?” She discovered Zeha shoes at the store in Schöneberg, which the native of Rhineland has been walking past every day since she moved to Berlin in 1992. “Two of my former friends were regular customers there and they told me that if you have them on, you won’t want …